Easily implement your sales process

Playbooks contain your sales team's best practices. Each playbook is a series of repeatable and measurable steps that can be easily applied to a contact. Each step is assigned a timeline and responsible user. You can create as many playbooks as needed.

Manage contacts

Contacts can include leads, prospects, opportunities, customers - anyone you have contact with through your business. Custom fields allow you to store information relevant to your business and contacts.

Collaborate with your team

PlaybookIQ offers shared calendars, tasks, notes, and reports to help ensure everyone is on the same page. Going into an important meeting with a prospect or long-time customer? Take a look at their history with your company so that you do not have to go in cold.

Know who said what and when

All task and playbook activity is automatically captured in a contact's history. You can add unlimited notes to a contact as well. Wondering what the status of Mr. Smith's account is? Simply look it up and you will see that Jane talked with him just this morning, in fact.

Pay nothing and owe nothing to get started

We want you to be completely satisfied. We want you to sign up only after you have had a chance to see the power of PlaybookIQ for yourself and are sure that it is the right solution for you. Sign up for a free, no risk trial. We don't even require a credit card to start!

Know what needs to get done

On your PlaybookIQ calendar, items due for the current month or day will be displayed by contact last name. You can also see other users calendars. Your dashboard sets forth all of your items due for the day. This way nothing falls through the cracks.

Deliver a consistent message

Use message templates to be efficient with no need to retype the same email. Be effective, spending your time writing well-authored copy that can be used over and over. Be personal, including the contact's name in message templates.

Grow your relationships

PlaybookIQ is great for ongoing relationships with existing customers. You can capture and store contact information, notes, tasks and appointments. You can search your customer database by almost any field so that when you are in New York, you can be sure to catch up with some customers while you are there.

Focus on your job

As web-hosted software, PlaybookIQ requires no IT knowledge or infrastructure on your part beyond an internet ready computer. Included in your subscription is a password protected account to access your data, server and system maintenance, and email support.

Get support without lock in.

Besides integrated on-line help, we offer free email support and 24/7 monitoring of system health. Your data always remains your data and you can cancel your account at any time.

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