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PlaybookIQ is web-based sales team collaboration software. One place for your contacts, opportunities, playbooks, tasks, tags, and reports.



Playbooks contain your sales team's best practices. Each playbook is a series of repeatable and measurable steps that can be easily applied to a contact. Each step is assigned a timeline and responsible user. You can create as many playbooks as needed.

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Contacts can include leads, prospects, opportunities, customers - anyone you have contact with through your business.

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On your PlaybookIQ's calendar, items due for the current month or day will be displayed by contact last name. You can also see other users' calendars.

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Your dashboard sets forth all of your items due for the day. For each item due, the Contact name is listed, followed by the title and description of the item due. Items due for the day are preceded by a blue arrow. Past due items are preceded by a red exclamation icon. Completed tasks and completed or skipped steps are displayed in the Completed Today section on the bottom of your dashboard. Completed items are preceded by a green check mark. Rescheduled tasks or steps are not shown in the completed section.

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Real Time Reports

PlaybookIQ provides a pipeline overview report that you can use to identify any bottlenecks in your sales process. New reports are being added all the time. Use PlaybookIQ's reports to track sales progress and sales team performance.

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PlaybookIQ is built from the ground up as a small business CRM tool for sales team collaboration. To effectively collaborate, all users on your team can perform almost all functions. By default, everyone can create, edit, and delete contacts, tasks, comments, playbooks, and step definitions. Yet, for those times that you want to limit user permissions, we have made it very simple to do so.


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